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A 5 month incubator program for small “wholehearted” businesses.

Are you ready to create lasting business success?

Whether you are just starting out, a couple of years in, or even if you’ve been in business for a while, creating the business of your dreams can often feel elusive and overwhelming. The questions start rolling around in your head… “am I doing the right thing?”, “how can I get more people to know I exist?” and “why does it feel so hard?”

Then there’s the isolation and second-guessing that comes from being constantly on your own, not to mention the pestering from your partner (if you have one) about when you are going to start making some money…

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there!

When I started my first business, I jumped right in the deep end. In my excitement and enthusiasm, I launched too many products too quickly – and struggled to sell any of them. Looking back, what I needed most was to spend more time exploring what I really wanted to achieve with my business, what business model would be the most profitable, and delve into the real needs of my tribe so that I could create products that actually solved their problems. While they were incredibly supportive, my coaching and mastermind groups weren’t enough. I needed more than just basic business know-how and a cheer squad for when I ticked something off my to-do list.

What I really needed was a mentor to ask the hard questions and help me find the right answers for MY biz. Instead, after four challenging years and a huge investment of time, money and energy, I had no choice but to close the business and start afresh.

Having worked now with dozens of small businesses, I still see entrepreneurs making the same mistakes and learning the hard way. Quick fixes and magic formulas are not enough. I believe they need a more “wholehearted” approach to achieve the success they dream of.


Which is why I created the My Wholehearted Biz incubator program.

About the My Wholehearted Biz program

My Wholehearted Biz is a 5-month intensive business incubator program for small/micro business owners who would like to better understand marketing, and develop and implement a simple, effective and strategic marketing plan to help them achieve their business and life goals.

In this program, we help you delve beyond the basics of marketing promotion to more deeply understand purpose, innovation, customer experience and value, as well as enjoying the support of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the same journey.

Each month we run two sessions.

The first session is a 2 hour interactive workshop covering each of the BIG marketing topics below. This session aims to build your understanding of marketing and business in general and relate these ideas to YOUR business – to ask the difficult questions and explore potential solutions. Ideally, these sessions will take place in person, so that we can workshop ideas interactively and build a strong, supportive community.

The second session provides each participant a chance to have a 20 minute brainstorm with their mentor and other members of the group and set accountability tasks for the month – which of course, will be followed up on! The length of this session will depend on group size (maximum group size is 6) and are held online via Zoom.

At only $145 per month*, this program offers great value for money. It is not only significantly more affordable than many other popular small-business coaching programs – it also provides an intimate, small group mentoring experience in a safe, nurturing environment. That said, I realise this still represents a significant investment for many small businesses. To decide whether the program is worth this investment for YOUR business, please feel free to call me on 0412 602 284 to discuss.

Program Topics

Topic 1 – My Purpose
WHY are you doing this? What is your vision for the business and how will that help you live a purposeful life? What are your financial goals? What are your lifestyle goals? Do you honestly have the right skills, knowledge, experience and passion to do this? Are there other opportunities available that may be more aligned with your purpose?

Topic 2 – My Tribe
WHO do you wish to serve? Is there a viable market niche for your idea? How can you build a tribe of raving fans and create solutions that solve their problems? How can you find out what they REALLY want and what they are prepared to pay for it? How can you work with others to build your business – through referrals, outsourcing partners and suppliers?

Topic 3 – My Offer
WHAT new product and/or service solutions can you create to solve your ideal customers’ key problems? Do you retain all of your current offers, or should you let some of them go? How can you build innovation into your business so you can test new ideas and bring them to market faster? WHERE should you sell your products or services? How will you build your distribution networks and what platforms are most effective for your business, now and into the future? HOW MUCH should you charge? How can you optimise your offer to reach your financial goals?

Topic 4 – My Message
HOW do you connect with your Ideal Customers and other members of your tribe? What is the essence of your brand, and how do you best represent that in words, images and video? What are your key messages and how can you effectively communicate them, so that your tribe grows to know, like and trust your brand? What marketing channels are the most likely for potential customers and referral partners to find out about you? How can you convert interest in your offer into actual sales?

Topic 5 – My Plan
WHEN does all this happen if you also have a business to run? How can you develop good habits so that you are consistent and creative with your marketing promotion activities? How much or little should you tackle at a time? How do you build the skills you need to do this within your time constraints and budget, and when should you get help?

The 2017 Program is now closed. Register now for 2018!

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Cath was incredibly in tune with my business plan even before I was and I think that it is thanks to Cath’s mentoring that I have been able to continue creating a bigger vision for myself and my goals. I was a complete amateur in business and I am still finding my feet, but I would not be here four years later if I hadn’t had a coach with the right tools to show me the way.

Pilar Nesvara

Global Kids – Language and Culture at Play

Cath has been amazing as a mentor for my business Smashcake. She has such a broad knowledge of many aspects of running a small business and I’ve learnt more about my running my own business in the past 6 months, since having regular mentoring sessions with Cath, than I have in the past 7 years.

Most importantly I’m looking at my business with a fresh perspective and I always seem to have new goals to achieve – thanks to the accountability tasks we set together on a monthly basis. All of this has led to a more productive and profitable business with a “real” direction, which I am very grateful for.

The thing that struck me most about Cath when we had our first mentoring session was that she seemed to already know my business inside out. It was obvious that she had done a lot of research before we spoke.

She’s shown a sincere and genuine interest in wanting to see my business succeed. I would highly recommend Cath to anyone who is after intelligent, well considered marketing advice.

Kylene Lovat


Hi, I’m Cath Connell

Marketing Demystifier and Creator of Wholehearted Marketing

I often talk about Purpose in marketing and business – knowing your WHY – and WHY that matters.

It is MY Purpose to work with other small business owners to incorporate “wholehearted marketing” principles into their business practices. I love mentoring small business owners and joining them on their business journey as they implement their ideas, learn new skills and reach their goals.

I’ve been working in and around marketing for well over 20 years, first as a graphic designer, then as a Promotions Rep and Brand Manager for a major paper wholesaler, and now almost 8 years running my own businesses Leaf. Paper for Life.Spicycat Creative and Wholehearted Marketing. How quickly time flies when you’re having fun!

My own small business journey has not always been smooth, but it has been incredibly fulfilling. With a little hindsight, I can see how many of the mistakes and challenges I faced in my early days in business were incredible learning experiences that I can now share with others. Combined with my business and marketing qualifications (I have an MBA, as well as a Diploma of Graphic Design), I feel well positioned to support business owners on their own exciting business journeys – and hopefully help them avoid some of the nastier roadblocks and wrong turns that can hinder their success.

I believe that as small business owners we have an incredible opportunity to do great things in the world – not only within our businesses – but also in our families, communities and the world as a whole. I believe that together we can create a world where success is measured not by the size of our homes or the cars that we drive, but by how much happiness we share with others and how much joy and harmony we create in our lives and of those around us.

This is my dream, and WHY I created Wholehearted Marketing in first place.

The Important Details!

New dates and locations for My Wholehearted Biz Groups will be announced in November 2017, with our first intake commencing in March 2018. Our long-term aim is to run several in-person groups around Melbourne, plus an online group. If you are interested in attending an in-person group, please indicate your location preference on the Registration form.

To ensure personal attention, our maximum group size is 6, however we do require a minimum of 4 people for a group to run.

5 x monthly workshop sessions held in person (Melbourne only) or online via Zoom
5 x monthly brainstorm/accountability sessions to be held online via Zoom
Printable worksheets

Investment: $145 per month*

(or pay $595* upfront and save $130!)

*All prices include GST.

Please note: By registering your interest you are not committing to the program – at least not just yet! It simply means you agree to have us contact you with more details closer to the commencement of the 2018 program.

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