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There is no shortage of online courses going around at the moment. Unfortunately, they usually cost a bomb, and you often have no idea whether they will meet your needs. Especially when you’re first starting out, they’re more likely to bamboozle you than be of much assistance! So what do you do? 

Wholehearted Marketing is dedicated to helping you better understand the marketing process, to choose the right marketing strategy and plan for your unique Purpose, and to give you the skills you need to help you reach your goals.

We’re really proud of the quality of our signature eCourse, Brand You!, and have had some incredible feedback since its launch. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and wanting to understand the whole marketing thing better, this course is for you. Unlike many other courses out there, it doesn’t offer a magic formula or one-approach-for-all, but is honest, practical, a little bit inspiring and very easy-to-follow. And it’s worth its weight in gold if it saves you from making just one big marketing mistake!

We also want to ensure that you have the hands-on skills you need to do your own marketing, with live workshops and webinars coming up later in the year. See topics and dates below.

Our Member Q&A sessions with marketing experts are packed FULL of useful information to help you with your marketing. They are released regularly on our YouTube channel, and are freely available to all. We will also be opening up our curated Resource Library in the near future. It contains all our own marketing tools, worksheets and planners, plus links to a range of fabulous resources from other marketing experts from around Australia and the rest of the world. And it will be FREE – so stay tuned!

Previous events have included Overcoming Writers’ Block with Vanessa Carnevale and our Annual Marketing Planning Day Retreats and Mid-Year Planning Workshops.

Workshops and Webinars

Need to develop your marketing skills? Everything changes rapidly, so having the chance learn some basics at one of our workshops or webinars is a great way to develop new skills quickly. Sessions include brainstorming and hands-on exercises so you can get the right skills and advice for your unique business situation.

Our Marketing Planning Workshops not only ensure you get your marketing planning DONE, but give you the extra support and new ideas that come from working with a group. We run two sessions per year, both online and in real life, to ensure you are regularly reviewing your marketing activities and actively adjusting your plans to suit your business goals and ideal customers’ needs. Our Marketing Planning Day Retreat, held in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, is definitely the highlight of our calendar! We’re also hoping to hit the roof of the Dream Factory in Footscray in 2018. Let’s hope for good weather.

Coming in 2018

We are excited to be commencing a range of practical, hands-on training workshops across a range of marketing and business topics starting in 2018. Stay tuned for times and dates.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Visual Marketing and Branding
  • Demystifying Content Marketing
  • Blogging for Business

For all the latest event dates and bookings, please visit our Eventbrite Page.

Brand You! eCourse

Brand You! helps you create an authentic brand, by basing your business and marketing activities on your own personal vision, values, strengths and passions. It is ideal for small/micro business owners just starting out, or those who have been in business for a few years and are not getting the results they want from their current marketing activities.

The course aims to “demystify” marketing in a world where new technologies are opening up massive opportunities for small business owners to find a niche and build a successful business, by understanding people’s needs and creating customised solutions to real life problems. It’s definitely not your normal “Marketing 101” course!

This 6 week online course covers the big questions of marketing:

  1. Why? Why you’re in business – from the most practical sense all the way through to your “big life purpose”! What are the vision and values that underly you as a person, and how can you bring more of these into your business?
  2. Who? Who do you want as your “Most Awesome People” – i.e. your ideal customers – and what are their problems that YOU are best able to help them solve? We’ll discuss the value of building a tribe not only of fabulous customers, but also passionate supporters, suppliers and network partners to help you spread the word!
  3. What? How you can utilise your unique blend of values, skills, knowledge and passion to create amazing products and services that the world needs – and is prepared to pay for?
  4. Where & How Much? What marketing model will work best for your lifestyle and type of business? We’ll look at the pros and cons of working online v. in real life, and how to create the right blend of the two that works best for you. We’ll also look at pricing models for a variety of business models, and discuss how competitive pricing and personal money blocks affect the profitability of your business.
  5. How? With all this in place, how do I let my ideal customers know I exist? We’ll introduce the concept of the Marketing Touchpoint Wheel as a promotional planning tool, and help you choose a blend of promotional activities that are just right for you and your biz.
  6. When? Planning is important. We’ll look at a range of planning strategies and tools, so that you can not only be successful in business, but the rest of your life too.

This course is self-paced, with units being drip-fed during the first 6 weeks following sign-up. You can start at any time.

The format consists of a series of eWorkbooks and printable worksheets, supported by relevant videos and articles by some of the world’s leading marketing experts.

To ensure you get maximum benefit from the course, you will also have lifetime access to our Closed Facebook Support Group to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and be kept accountable.

Investment – $195 (incl. GST)


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