Wholehearted Success Business Clarity Session

Helping you find clarity and purpose in your business.

Wholehearted Success Business Clarity Session

Are you struggling to achieve your goals, or feel that your business has “gotten away from you”? Or are you feeling tired and burnt out and wanting to bring some “heart” back into your biz?

Sometimes it’s good to stop, step back and reassess what you really want out of business and life. Often this one simple action will help you reconnect with your WHY, ready to tackle your business challenges with renewed energy and purpose. Sometimes the solution is right under your nose, and you just need someone to help you see it!

Our Wholehearted Success Business Clarity Session takes you through a systematic process designed to help you clarify your vision, purpose, market opportunities and key goals, and identify any key areas that may need a little tweaking. This session is a great way to ensure you have a strong foundation for growth, as well as documented goals and action plans. After all we want you to create a business you will LOVE working in now and well into the future.

Why would I choose this session?

  • You are ready to launch a new product or service and need an achievable action plan
  • You have been in business a while, but are still struggling to achieve the financial success you hoped for
  • You are facing new market challenges or opportunities, and are not quite sure of the best ways to move forward
  • You are ready to grow your business and need help ensuring you do so profitably and sustainably
  • You have lost your enthusiasm for your business and want to reignite your “spark”
  • You are brand new to business and want to start off on the right foot.

Your Wholehearted Success Business Clarity Session includes:

  • A 3 hour session with our Wholehearted Business Coach, Cath Connell, in person (location dependent) via Zoom, or telephone call
  • Clarity on your values, purpose and key goals for both business and personal success
  • Identification of your unique skills, knowledge, passions and personality traits, and brainstorming how they may be best aligned with current and future market opportunities
  • Identification of your ideal customer, their key problems, and how you can best meet their needs
  • Financial analysis of your current business situation (or new business/project) to ensure your business/project is profitable enough for you to achieve your key goals (business and personal)
  • Portfolio review of your current or planned offering to help you identify products, services and/or clients that can make your work more enjoyable AND more profitable
  • Creation of a business action plan with easy steps for implementation
  • The Wholehearted Success Business Clarity workbook including planning templates for your own use

PLUS: 3 months email support to help you get your plan underway.

Investment – $525 (incl. GST)

To book your session, shoot through an email with your availability, or call Cath on 0412 602 284.

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I really enjoyed the Business Clarity session that I had with Cath. I have had a business idea going around in my head for a long time but really had no idea where to start to bring it to a reality. Cath’s tools made it easy to walk through the steps to bring the ideas into a written down plan of action, ready for me to run with. It’s obvious that she knows what she is talking about but she also has the ability to explain and relate concepts to someone that has had little or no experience – I love that combination!

Janna Taylor

Colour Me Social / Craft Something Amazing

I decided to do the Wholehearted Success Business Clarity Session because I was changing profession and was new to running my own business. It was very helpful to have Cath asking questions and triggering thought processes.

Cath’s experience and down to earth attitude helped me think more deeply about my business and where I wanted to see myself in a year’s time, as well as further down the track.

Sonja Schaeffner

Tree of Delights Cafe Belgrave

Hi, I'm Cath Connell

Wholehearted Business Coach and Creator of Wholehearted Marketing

I often talk about Purpose in marketing and business - knowing your WHY – and WHY that matters.

It is MY Purpose to work with other small business owners to incorporate "wholehearted marketing" principles into their business practices. I love mentoring small business owners and joining them on their business journey as they implement their ideas, learn new skills and reach their goals.

My own small business journey has not always been smooth, but it has been incredibly fulfilling. With a little hindsight, I can see how many of the mistakes and challenges I faced in my early days in business were incredible learning experiences that I can now share with others. With over 20 years' industry experience, plus relevant business and marketing qualifications, I feel well positioned to support business owners on their own exciting business journeys – and hopefully help them avoid some of the nastier roadblocks and wrong turns that can hinder their success.

I believe that as small business owners we have an incredible opportunity to do great things in the world – not only within our businesses – but also in our families, communities and the world as a whole. I believe that together we can create a world where success is measured not by the size of our homes or the cars that we drive, but by how much happiness we share with others and how much joy and harmony we create in our lives and of those around us.

This is my dream, and WHY I created Wholehearted Marketing in first place.

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