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What is Wholehearted Marketing?

Wholehearted Marketing™ is a new approach to marketing for our increasingly connected world.

Wholehearted Marketing changes the way small businesses connect with their customers and solve their problems. We believe in creating great products and services based on real relationships with real people, to help build a better world.

  • It’s about being authentic, passionate and creative in all that you do.
  • It’s about being part of a community that helps and supports each other, by openly sharing skills and knowledge in a spirit of abundance, reciprocity and collaboration.
  • It’s about being responsible for what you create, and what you consume, ensuring environmental sustainability for generations to come.
  • It offers a uniquely Australian perspective for solutions that meet our cultural needs and conditions.
  • It’s about living a life you love and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

We’ll challenge you. We’ll share our experience and knowledge freely. We’ll provide the marketing tools and resources you need, in collaboration with Australia’s leading marketing professionals. We’ll coach and mentor you, make you accountable, and hold your hand if you need it. All for one low monthly membership price!

No longer will marketing be overwhelming, scary or downright evil!

Wholehearted Marketing is here…

Membership has LOADS of benefits!

Wholehearted Marketing provides members with all the tools, training and support you need to successfully market your business.

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An authentic, creative, connected, community-driven approach to marketing in an increasingly connected world.


We create simple-to-use marketing tools for small businesses just like yours. Plus there’s our carefully curated library of low-cost and free marketing resources from Australia and the rest of the world.


Our online courses have been created specifically with small, wholehearted businesses in mind. They’ll help you build a brand you love and connect with your ideal customers in ways that suit YOUR business, personality and life.


Connect with other like-minded small businesses owners in a caring, supportive community. We’re always on hand to share our knowledge about marketing, support your endeavours and point you in the right direction.


Sometimes a little individual attention to your specific situation is needed. We provide a range of mentoring packages and memberships to help you to better understand marketing, implement your strategy and achieve your goals.

The “Brand You!” course has transformed the way I think about my business. Being in a business under an existing brand, I was unsure how much of my branding I could take control of. This course has helped me realise that I can brand myself, and that gives me freedom to turn my business into whatever I want it to be.


The Finishing Touch

What I love the most about Wholehearted Marketing is the one-on-one mentoring. Cath was incredibly in tune with my business plan even before I was and I think that it is thanks to Cath’s mentoring that I have been able to continue creating a bigger vision for myself and my goals. I was a complete amateur in business and I am still finding my feet, but I would not be here four years later if I hadn’t had a coach with the right tools to show me the way.


Hola Amigos Language and Culture at Play

I particularly love the connection in the Facebook Group, because sometimes I have a problem that I need an answer for and I know the right people will be able to help 🙂


Earth and Sea Creative

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