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“The 21st Century Marketing Paradigm reflects a customer centric mindset, that turns marketers into healers where our role is to cure, restore health, soundness and spiritual wholeness.”

Raj Sisoda – co-author Firms of Endearment.

Do you find marketing your small business overwhelming, scary or challenging? Are you struggling to find clients and achieve your goals? Or are you feeling that something is missing – that you’d like more meaning in your work?

You are not alone!

Wholehearted Marketing changes the way small businesses connect with their customers and solve their problems. By understanding our Purpose – our WHY – and knowing WHO we wish to serve, we can create a business that we’re proud to share, just by being ourselves.

  • It’s about being authentic, passionate and creative in all that you do.
  • It’s about finding the best ways to connect with your audience in a way that works for YOU and YOUR biz, rather than following the latest marketing fad or running yourself ragged trying to keep up with what everybody else is doing.
  • It’s about learning to trust in your uniqueness, find ways to really help your ideal customers solve their problems and honour your Value in the process.
  • It’s about being responsible for what you create and what you consume, ensuring environmental sustainability for generations to come.
  • It offers a uniquely Australian perspective for solutions that meet our cultural needs and conditions.
  • It’s about living a life you love and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

We’ll challenge you. We’ll share our experience and knowledge freely ensuring you have all the business and marketing information you need. We’ll coach and mentor you, make you accountable and hold your hand if you need it.

We’ll even help you get the “marketing stuff” done, by providing you with high-quality, cost-effective “hands-on” support – both in-house and in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading marketing professionals.


Marketing Strategy

Want to work one-on-one with someone who knows their stuff and can help you establish a clear pathway to reach your business goals?

Marketing Support

Sick of DIY? We offer a range of hands-on marketing support services to help you get stuff done.

Cath Connell | Wholehearted Marketing

Cath Connell
MBA, Diploma of Art (Graphic Design)
Marketing Strategist & Brand Consultant

Hi, I’m Cath Connell

Marketing Strategist, Brand Consultant and creator of Wholehearted Marketing

I often talk about Purpose in marketing and business – knowing your WHY – and WHY that matters.

It is MY Purpose to work with other small business owners to incorporate “wholehearted” business and marketing principles into their work. I love guiding small business owners and travelling with them on their journey as they implement their ideas, learn new skills and reach their goals. I enjoy teaching people about the basic principles of marketing and how this is changing with new technologies – we live in exciting times where anybody can find a niche and build a successful business using their unique talents, knowledge and expertise.

I’ve been working in and around marketing for over 25 years, first as a graphic designer, then as a Promotions Rep and Brand Manager for a major paper wholesaler, and finally in my own businesses Leaf. Paper for Life. and Wholehearted Marketing (previously Spicycat Creative). I have always had a keen interest in leadership and business strategy and qualified with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2009. I also love learning about education, psychology and personal wellbeing, and am a big advocate for environmental and social responsibility. I read a LOT!

I am also quite hands-on! I love working with my clients to help bring their dreams to reality, and have spent the past few years creating customised branding and website solutions. That said, while I am quite capable of tackling most projects inhouse, and often do, the real strength of Wholehearted Marketing lies in its flexible, open structure that allows me to work with amazing people with a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Over the years, I have developed a wonderful network of local, like-minded small business owners, each with a real passion for their field. This means I can draw on a vast pool of incredibly talented graphic designers, web developers, SEO specialists and digital marketers, social media experts, event managers, photographers and videographers, copywriters, printers and virtual assistants to provide the marketing help you need, when you need it. What a TEAM!

I believe that as small business owners we have an incredible opportunity to do great things in the world – not only within our businesses – but also in our families, communities and the world as a whole. I believe that together we can create a world where success is measured not by the size of our homes or the cars that we drive, but by how much happiness we share with others and how much joy and harmony we create in our lives and of those around us.

This is my dream, and WHY I created Wholehearted Marketing in first place.

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