Welcome to Wholehearted Marketing

Small business marketing with a human touch!

What is Wholehearted Marketing?

Wholehearted Marketing changes the way small businesses connect with their customers and solve their problems. We believe in creating great products and services based on real relationships with real people, to help build a better world. It’s called Purpose-Driven Marketing, or as we like to call it, “wholehearted marketing”, and it means that we no longer have to sell our souls to sell our thing. By understanding our Purpose – our WHY – and knowing WHO we wish to serve, we can create a business that we’re proud to share, just by being ourselves.

We provide the marketing support you need to build your dream business. We’ll coach and mentor you, make you accountable and hold your hand if you need it. And with a fabulous team of marketing professionals behind us (who are all Australian-based small business owners just like you), we can also provide you with high quality, cost-effective marketing services so you actually get stuff done!

No longer will marketing be overwhelming, scary or downright evil!

Wholehearted Marketing is here…

Are you ready to create your ideal business and life after COVID-19?

The Wholehearted Business Transformation eGuide is here to help guide you and your business to a “new, better normal”!

What we offer

Marketing Consulting

Sometimes a little individual attention is all you need to build your dream biz. Wholehearted Marketing offers marketing strategy and planning sessions designed to help you clarify your goals, simplify your marketing approach and LOVE what you do each day.


 Our practical eGuides and other resources have been created specifically with small, wholehearted businesses in mind. They’ll help you build the skills you need to create a brand you love and connect with your ideal customers in a way that is uniquely YOU.

Hands-On Support

You can’t do it all alone! Knowing when to ask for help is just as important. Our team of experienced marketing professionals are at hand to help you with hands-on marketing including branding, website development, copywriting, social media and more!

An authentic, creative, community-driven approach to marketing in an increasingly connected world.