Welcome to this Member Q&A session, in which our Wholehearted Marketing community gets to ask the questions – and we bring in awesome marketing specialists to answer them.

In this video, Bron Thulke (Squire) from Angel Web Designs draws on her vast experience as a website developer across a range of platforms to help you understand the process of developing a website and be aware of the potential pitfalls, so that you can build your business presence online, smoothly and effectively.

While Bron usually works with more established businesses who require customised solutions, this discussion covers some really important material for newbies and more experienced business owners alike, including:

  1. How to choose a platform, both when starting out, and down the track when you have outgrown your first website.
  2. Questions to ask your website developer, including domain ownership, hosting and ongoing maintenance, and the importance of trust in this relationship.
  3. How to brief your website developer so that they design a website that fits your brand.
  4. User Experience basics – so that your customers can easily find what they’re looking for, and your website is effective in doing its job – i.e. selling your “thing” and growing connections with your business.
  5. Current trends in website design.


A note to Wholehearted Marketing Members –
Bron is currently a member of Wholehearted Marketing, so if you have any additional questions that arise from watching this video, please feel free to post them up in our Facebook Group.