Welcome to our latest Member Q&A session, in which our Wholehearted Marketing community gets to ask the questions – and we bring in awesome marketing specialists to answer them.

In this Member Q&A, Frances Pratt from KISS to Sell shares her wisdom about that often dreaded part of business – Sales. Her Soulful Selling approach will help you change your mindset to “helping” people buy rather than being pushy or “sales-y”.

In this video, we covered some of the most common issues people have when it comes to selling.

  1. Why we find it so hard to sell ourselves and how to overcome some of those “icky” feelings by helping people get to know, like and trust us.
  2. Mindset – focusing on helping people to buy, rather than selling to them.
  3. Dealing with objections and graciously allowing people to say no.
  4. Soulful Sales Funnels – and how to keep them full.
  5. How the Wizard of Oz can help you sell – because we all like a good story!
  6. Follow-ups.

Frances can be contacted via her website http://kisstosell.com.au.


11 Secrets of Sales Champions
This is a terrific free opt-in eBook by Frances Pratt, with even more soulful selling tips.