Welcome to our very first Member Q&A session, in which our Wholehearted Marketing community gets to ask the questions – and we bring in awesome marketing specialists to answer them.

To kick off, we spoke to Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke, who helps demystify LinkedIn and provides tools and training for helping small business owners and career changers get the most from the platform.

We had lots of great questions from our members, covering a wide range of LinkedIn benefits, so here’s a quick overview of what we covered.

  1. WHY you, as a small business owner, should be on LinkedIn and how to make it work best for you.
  2. Profiles, and how to make them relevant and interesting to potential clients and referral partners.
  3. Spammy connections and emails and how to start real conversations instead.
  4. LinkedIn Groups and how to get the most out them.
  5. Sharing and posting content on LinkedIn – what works and a little about how to do it.

Karen mentions a couple of great resources in the video also.


LinkedIn for Business – Slideshare
Karen provides an overview of LinkedIn for Business – presentation for Small Business Victoria Festival

LinkedIn Profile Optimiser
We didn’t talk much about how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile for maximum success, as Karen has already created a fantastic tool to help you with this. It provides best practice examples, step by step instructions AND a template to follow. If LinkedIn is going to be your “hero platform”, I highly recommend you consider this tool.
The LinkedIn Profile Optimiser comes as a digital download and retails for $129.
(Karen has generously agreed to offer Wholehearted Marketing Members a discount for this resource. To obtain the code, please contact us).

A note to Wholehearted Marketing Members –
Karen is currently a member of Wholehearted Marketing, so if you have any additional questions that arise from watching this video, please feel free to post them up in our Facebook Group (she’s not active in this group, but I can pass them on).