Welcome to our very latest Member Q&A session, in which our Wholehearted Marketing community gets to ask the questions – and we bring in awesome marketing specialists to answer them.

In this video, Merryn Padgett from Earth and Sea Creative talks about her human-centred approach to Visual Branding and how to get a logo you LOVE!

Our Member questions covered a wide range of topics, including:

  1. What visual branding is, and how it is an essential part of communicating your business’ mission, values and purpose.
  2. The importance of working with your designer during the briefing process – a tight brief is a good brief!
  3. How to get the most from a limited design budget, including applications you need from your designer, and ways you can do some of the work yourself.
  4. For more established businesses, the risks and benefits of rebranding when your business has undergone a significant change.
  5. Merryn’s 3 Golden Rules (plus a bonus one) for ensuring your brand represents YOU and your purpose.