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Week 5 – HOW

How do I connect with my Ideal Customers?

Finally we get to the bit that most people think of, when they think of marketing – Promotion. There are hundreds of ways to promote your business, but with limited time, money and energy, you need to choose. Using the Marketing Touchpoints Wheel will give you a well-rounded marketing strategy that not only connects you with your Ideal Customers, but also converts into sales.

Here’s what to do…

Watch this week’s Feature video – The World’s Smartest Marketing Question – Marie Forleo lets us in on the ultimate secret to Promoting your offer.

Download and print this Exercise Worksheet:

  1. Marketing Touchpoints

Download Week 5 Course eBook (you won’t need to print this) and work your way through it, completing the exercises and thinking of how it applies to your business.

Join us in the Wholehearted Marketing Members Facebook Group. I’ll be there to answer questions and participate in general discussion, but we can all help each other brainstorm ideas, share our stories and provide support and accountability.

Additional Resources

The Beginners Guide to Email Marketing – Vertical Response – not an endorsement of this email platform, but a good intro article if you’re not familiar with email marketing.

How to Choose the Right Social Network for your Business – not an easy question to answer… here are some things to think about.

Press Release Template Library – Media Connections shares some ideas for press releases and templates for a range of different business models and applications.


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