Brand You! eCourse

Week 1 – WHY

Working from Purpose

WHY are you in business? What greater purpose do you have in life? These are the big questions and the ones that are often ignored by businesses in a hurry to sell WHAT they do. Working from Purpose is not only essential for working “wholeheartedly” in business. It will also help you live a happy, fulfilled life.

Here’s what to do…

Watch this week’s Feature video – How Great Leaders Inspire Action – TED Talk by Simon Sinek.

Download and print these Exercise Worksheets:

  1. Big Lofty Vision Words
  2. Brand You!
  3. Your Offer

Download Week 1 Course eBook (you won’t need to print this) and work your way through it, completing the exercises and thinking of how it applies to your business.

Join us in the Wholehearted Marketing Members Facebook Group. I’ll be there to answer questions and participate in general discussion, but we can all help each other brainstorm ideas, share our stories and provide support and accountability.

Additional Resources

Conscious Marketing – by Carolyn Tate (To receive a 20% discount on this book, enter the code BW-CONSCIOUS at the checkout).


Brand You! eCourse Units

NB: To ensure you get the most benefit from this course, access to each subsequent unit will be added each week during the first 6 weeks of your membership.

Week 1 – WHY

Week 2 – WHO

Week 3 – WHAT (Product)

Week 4 – WHAT (Place, Price)

Week 5 – HOW

Week 6 – WHEN