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Week 4 – WHAT (Place, Price)

Place and Pricing are part of WHAT too.

This week we tackle two of the traditional marketing Ps – Product and Price. These will have significant impact on what you offer, now and in the future, so they’re worth including as part of the WHAT question. We’ll look at how online business is changing everything. Plus we focus on how to feel more comfortable about that whole money thing, and to charge what you’re worth!

Here’s what to do…

Watch this week’s Feature video – 3 Ways Money Blocks are Killing Your Business – with Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Note: There are no Exercise sheets to download this week.

Download Week 4 Course eBook (you won’t need to print this) and work your way through it, completing the exercises and thinking of how it applies to your business.

Join us in the Wholehearted Marketing Members Facebook Group. I’ll be there to answer questions and participate in general discussion, but we can all help each other brainstorm ideas, share our stories and provide support and accountability.

Additional Resources


I love the work of Chris Guillebeau, who has turned running a location independent business into an art form! Here’s a little intro to his work… feel free to delve deeper! How to Make Money on the Internet – Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Nonconformity

Run an online product business? Here are some interesting points re Australian postage costs. High Post Paid – CHOICE Magazine.


Get Rich Lucky Bitch* – by Denise Duffield-Thomas. The Kindle version is only around $10.

Psychological Pricing: 29 Strategies & Tactics – post by Nick Kolenda – it’s pretty long, but worth it!

Pricing Strategy eBook – a great opt-in resource from Price Intelligently

Sacred Pricing – post by Leonie Dawson, food for thought…

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