Brand You! eCourse

Week 3 – WHAT (Product)

What shall I sell?

WHAT you offer your Ideal Customers needs to solve their changing problems. By building innovation into your business and nurturing your own creativity you will ensure your business is constantly evolving and staying ahead of the competition.

Here’s what to do…

Watch this week’s Feature video – Do Schools Kill Creativity? – TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

Download and print these Exercise Worksheets:

  1. Product Portfolio Matrix
    (Please note, there is no worksheet for Exercise 1.)

Download Week 3 Course eBook (you won’t need to print this) and work your way through it, completing the exercises and thinking of how it applies to your business.

Join us in the Wholehearted Marketing Members Facebook Group. I’ll be there to answer questions and participate in general discussion, but we can all help each other brainstorm ideas, share our stories and provide support and accountability.

Additional Resources

The Lean Startup – a short intro video about Eric Ries’ method for creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The Ultimate Guide to Minimum Viable Products – Scale My Business blog – great ideas for creating an MVP

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Week 3 – WHAT (Product)

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